The Naylor Difference

Give Back Opportunities

I have always had a desire to promote the local community I live in, which is why I decided to become one of the many Rockwall realtors. I love to support small businesses and restaurants and frequent them as often as I can. Living in a part of the city that has larger lot sizes makes your neighbor not quite as convenient to meet. I desired to find a way to bring events and neighbors together in one location. I started with hosting movie events at the local farm that is adjacent to my neighborhood. Tate Farms is the oldest family-owned farm in the county and loves to organize and host events. I reached out to Melissa Tate in 2018 to see how we could combine forces and what we’ve created has been exactly what I was hoping to begin. We know to family drive in movie events, girl’s night movie events and date nights. We invite local food trucks to come out and utilize local crafters to provide fun activities for our patrons. It’s a safe environment during this COVID pandemic we’ve all been surviving through.

The number of participants needing to get out of the shelter at home and enjoy something safe with their families was overwhelming. In order to have an idea of how many to expect, we began selling tickets for carloads so we could prepare more efficiently. We now use the proceeds from the ticket sales to give to local nonprofits. The community outpouring of love for the events and giving back has brought not just the Rockwall realtors closer together but the whole community.

Consistent Communication

Customer service is what makes the difference between a good real estate agent and a great agent. I know the value of answering calls and texts as soon as possible. When purchasing a home, whether you’re a first-time buyer or moving into the dream home you’ve been saving decades for, there are questions that will always rise up. Being a great Rockwall realtors means anticipating the questions that people looking for homes for sale Rockwall TX may ask, and working on providing answers before their fear can take a foothold.

Selling a home is so much more of a transaction than an experience. What that means is that the seller is looking to check off the required boxes so the client can move on with their next phase of life. The inspection period is often the most stressful time for the seller. Understanding what the buyer is requesting and making sure it’s a valid claim before approaching the seller with the request can keep heads calm. I am one of those Rockwall realtors that absolutely loves putting myself in the shoes of both the buyer and the seller no matter which side I’m representing. I will always work for my client’s interest but there is an advantage to being both a buying and listing agent. Having the experience of working with buyers and sellers allows me to understand the emotions involved with the buyer and the finances anticipated with the seller.

I answer questions quickly. I read emails, texts and listen to voicemails as soon as I can and respond immediately. Whether I need time to get the answers needed, my client knows what is happening and what steps are being taken to resolve the concerns. Absorbing unnecessary worries is another gift I have. There are times when I learn from the other Rockwall realtors or the lender that flags have been raised, I stop, analyze and pray before approaching my client. Many times, the flags are resolved quickly. Oftentimes the flags are raised in the evening when no resolution can be worked towards. Letting the clients sleep and discussing in the light of day is always the smart move. And time often remedies the concerns. I love saving my clients from an imaginary concern.

Win Win Solutions Only

My philosophy when helping my clients sell or purchase a home is to win-win. I want my clients getting the most money in their pocket when the transaction is over and the other side of the contract to feel that they were treated fairly and would happily work with my clients and me again if the opportunity arose again in the future.

There are some Rockwall realtors who want to feel like they are “buried” on the other side by bullying and doing as little for the other side as possible. I want the buyer and seller to know that I work at the highest level of professionalism and will do the right thing for everyone. I do work for one side of the transaction and that is apparent, but there are times when all parties involved are going to be impacted and I want it to be a blessing to everyone when all the dust has settled. Putting on the hat of the other Rockwall realtors helps me to keep things in perspective and explain to my clients why they might be asking for certain things or acting a bit stubborn. Does that mean we’re going to give in to the other party? No. But understanding their frame of mind can at least put tempers and frustrations at ease.

Building relationships is why I am one of the Rockwall realtors serving this community. When you see a doctor, they ask if you’ve had a death, a birth or a move recently. Moving is just as stressful on your body as adding or losing a family member. Reestablishing community roots takes time, effort and perseverance. I want to hold your hand and draw you into your new community as quickly and easily as possible. Much of that happens after the closing. As your Rockwall realtors I am on the journey with you well after you leave the closing table. I am here for you to win long term.

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