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Why We Give

We believe we have been blessed greatly as one of the highest rated Rockwall realtors and we want to be a blessing to the community we are so fortunate to live in. So many people have established nonprofits around us, and their causes are bigger than any one person can achieve. We want to use our platform as one of the many Rockwall realtors to bring resources and awareness to these charities.

When Sarah started doing drive-in movie events, she did them for free but was unable to estimate how many participant might have attended. As the events began to grow, the parking needed to be monitored as we were running out of space. To embrace her desire to benefit local charities and keep an eye on participants, she began selling tickets per carload. The price was never meant to deter anyone from coming but now she had money that she could use to bless others. What a great growing pain to learn from. We now have the fortunate opportunity to choose different nonprofits and use the money from amazing community events and bring awareness and resources. Another opportunity that we have as a Rockwall realtor to provide a win-win for my clients and community.

Through partnering and donating with local charities and organizations we have the opportunity to help grow and expand the place we call home.This is where the heart of this Rockwall realtors team, through finding people their dream home or selling their current property we have been able to give thousands of dollars to local charities such as:

Helping Hands is both a local food bank and a resale store in our community. Sarah chose this charity for her first fundraising opportunity. She had heard on the news that food pantries all across the country were low and the lines for people needing food was 2-3x’s longer than average. Her heart broke when she realized families near her could be literally starving and she knew that as a Rockwall realtor, she could help spread awareness. Instead of charging a carload ticket price, she had participants bring any amount of staple canned goods they could provide. The response was overwhelming. Many, many, many bags of food were brought as well as people handing over cash to give as well.

When she loaded up all the food donations, she threw it all in the back of her ’63 Chevy and drove directly to Helping Hands. Funny thing is, she didn’t tell Helping Hands she had chosen them as the recipient and didn’t let them know that she was coming. When she pulled up to Helping Hands, someone came out to ask how they could help. She told them she had some food that she would like to donate. He assumed it was maybe a bag or two and was prepared to take it in himself. He looked in the back of my truck and much to his surprise, said he’d have to go inside and get help. Four more people came out with him and they all took several loads to bring everything into the building. What an amazing opportunity this simple Rockwall realtors has the blessing to be a part of!

Recently, Sarah was approached by a mom who has two daughters at Heath High School. One of the girls is part of the Cross Country team and the other is a senior this year. She asked if there were ways we could combine a couple of her drive in events to raise money for the sports team and then the senior class.

We asked a few parents to share the events on their own social media pages and then help with parking and greet the attendees. Those easy tasks were all that was needed to provide the Cross Country and Senior class with hundreds of dollars that they were not able to raise in previous attempts.

Many of the parents that volunteered and those that came just to support and raise money for the school, came out for the first time. They were able to see what a great and safe event is happening monthly in their own backyards. Showing the community that she serves as one of its realtors how many opportunities we have to support local small business, teams, and nonprofits is a wonderful perk to what we do. We look forward to meeting more parents and helping their students in their hobbies and extracurricular activities as we grow and expand this team of Rockwall realtors.

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