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Meet Sarah Naylor!

I am a wife, mother, certified personal trainer with Camp Gladiator, and a highly rated real estate agent in Rockwall, TX. I grew up in Arkansas, where I met my husband playing church basketball at age 10. We were high school sweethearts and married after I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with my degree in business. I’ve lived in the South for my entire life and consider it my home.

David Naylor and I are fortunate to have had great role models in our own parents who provided us with a good blueprint to follow when we started planning our future 25 years ago. In 2011, we moved our family to Rockwall, TX. This is the community where we raised our two children, both of whom got married in 2020.

Recently, I made a commercial to promote my business and during that process, I realized I have a heart for creating community. To create the commercial, the director asked me questions, which I answered honestly and candidly (this is how I approach everything in life). With such a short amount of time for the director to get to know me through his questions, I was impressed with how thoroughly the commercial reflected me. When I asked the director how he would characterize me, he said “everything you do reflects community and it radiates in all areas of your life”. I didn’t realize how that was the core of who I am, but realizing it then has made me embrace my gift of connecting people and groups. I want to show you homes for sale in Rockwall, Texas so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Why you got into the industry

In 2014, David and I decided it was time to move to a larger house, as we anticipated larger, extended family gatherings in the coming years and our present house would not be able to accommodate those. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has been a sellers’ market for years and this year was no exception. Because of this, we wanted to work with an experienced agent whom we trusted so we reached out to one of the Rockwall realtors.

During this process of submitting offer after offer and seeing how hard our realtor was working to communicate with the listing agents on multiple properties, I realized that an agent does more than lead clients through the contract process. A good realtor goes before you and takes on as much of the future burden as possible and smooths out the process before you’re even brought into the equation.

At this point in my life, I knew I was ready for a change. I started my real estate classes, passed my exams, and became one of Keller Williams’ Rockwall realtors.

About Keller Williams

Keller Williams Rockwall is the only brokerage I have been part of as an agent. I love being in a community that I can proudly advertise and know its name and reputation are actually a selling feature.

The KW Rockwall realtors operate with an attitude and culture that teaches new agents how to be both competent and successful. Real estate is a competitive industry, but KW is considered to be the top teaching company in the world, according to Training Magazine. They provide proven formulas for this business and help their agents to create a personalized growth plan that focuses on what they care about. All of this enables agents to reach their personal goals.

In the Rockwall area, Keller Williams has the most listings. We don’t just have the most signs in the area by a little; we double the next largest brokerage. I love when my buyers get a contract on a house listed with a fellow KW agent or I receive an offer from one of Keller Williams’ Rockwall realtors. Our culture is that we all want the best for each party involved in a transaction. We want the seller to receive a fair price and move forward with the next phase of their journey, and we want the buyer to love the property they’re purchasing.

Why you should join

If you’re new to real estate and need someone to show you how this industry works, I’d highly recommend joining one of KW’s teams of Rockwall realtors. Writing contracts can be confusing, the contracts change yearly, and there are so many unknowns. Having someone with experience to help you navigate will make you enjoy the first couple years so much more. A group also provides you with other agents to brainstorm with and learn from.

There’s a learning curve in real estate, and often, other agents aren’t very gracious as the newer ones are finding their footing. During these first couple of years learning the ropes, it can be a huge relief to have a friendly face cheering you on. I had a belief that the competition would be fierce in this industry but learned quickly that there are groups that truly want all of the Rockwall realtors on the team to succeed and meet their own personal goals.

On the Naylor KW team, we truly want all of our Rockwall realtors to succeed and meet their own personal goals. We have an admin team that helps back office tasks be done correctly and timely. We have a marketing team that promotes all our listings and open houses. Real estate has so many plates to be juggled at one time while serving the client with instant communication. Working with a team that can handle some of these plates allows for the agent to focus more on their clients, and being part of a team that believes there is more than enough business for good agents makes real estate a dream profession.

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